Top 10 Unique Wedding Ring Ideas for Couples

As you and your partner plan to take your relationship by putting rings on your fingers and getting married, it’s time for you to do some serious shopping. Well, we are not talking about the outfit or the decorations here. It’s time for you and your partner to shop for the perfect wedding rings. So, let’s not beat around the bush and get right into the matter. In this short article, we will walk you through ten unique his and her wedding ring ideas that you can consider. But before we dive into that, here are some pointers on how to choose wedding rings.

How to Choose Wedding Rings?

Let’s explore how to choose wedding rings for you and your partner:

  1. Have a clear idea of your budget before you explore the different wedding ring trends.
  2. Decide on the material. You can go for gold, platinum, or any other option that you and your partner think suits you.
  3. Do the research and find out what you and your partner would like beforehand. Pinterest and other social media platforms can be great places to find inspiration for designs.
  4. Get your ring size measured to avoid any last-minute confusion.
  5. Try shopping for your perfect wedding rings online from a trustworthy platform like Love Wedding Bands to avoid any complications.

Thus, by keeping these factors in mind, why don’t we explore some of the best options for couples’ wedding rings set out there?

0.11 Carat 5mm Sleek Basic His and Hers Diamond Wedding Band Set
6mm Greek Key Couples Matching His and Hers Wedding Band Set
Leaf Design Matching 7mm His and 5mm Hers Wedding Ring Set

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6mm V Design Matching His and Hers Wedding Band Set

Well, let’s kickstart this discussion with this unique wedding band set. These rings are stylish, and you can shop for them in white, yellow, or rose color. By the way, you can make these rings much more attractive and meaningful by adding engravings to them. 

While coming to the design, these his and hers wedding rings have four evenly spaced symmetrical V designs throughout the band. 

0.03 Carat Bestseller Classic 3mm His and Hers Diamond Wedding Ring Set

This his and her wedding ring can be the perfect pick for you and your partner if you are both looking for something minimalistic. Coming with a lifetime warranty and free shipping, you can now customize these rings and place an order on Love Wedding Bands.

These rings have a slightly rounded body and offer comfortable wear. When it comes to her’s ring, it has three channel setting round-shaped diamonds. By the way, you can opt for these beautiful rings in white, yellow, or rose based on your preference.

Exquisite Cross Matching 7mm His and 5mm Hers Wedding Band Set

If you are searching for a religious ring, this ring is an excellent option for you. These couple wedding rings set come in five different colors and have evenly spaced shiny cut cross designs. While shopping for these rings, you can opt for platinum or gold based on your preference and even add engravings to make them more special.

Fancy Diagonal Grooved Matching 5mm His and Hers Wedding Rings

Agreed. These rings are fancier and might not be everyone’s cup of tea. But, they are stylish and have a unique design that can stand out in the crowd. If you may ask us, it is one of the wedding ring trends that would last for a long time.

As we have created the first impression of these unique pairs, here is how these rings stand out.

These rings come with a set feature that has three sets of diagonal, shiny, striped lines through one half of the band. With this unique design, you and your partner can wear these matching rings to strengthen your relationship.

0.05 Carat Raised Edge 6mm His and 4mm Hers Diamond Wedding Band Set

As part of adding a touch of uniqueness to your relationship, why not shop for these beauties? These rings are available in white, yellow, rose, yellow-white, and white-yellow shades. Regarding the material on these rings, you can find them in 10k, 14k, 18k gold, and 950 platinum.

These rings are available at a width of 6mm for men and 4mm for women. The couple’s wedding ring set comes with raised shiny edges, adding to their uniqueness.

Fish Eye Cut Matching 7mm His and 5mm Hers Wedding Ring Set

These rings are stunning and timeless because of their unique design. You can shop for these couple rings online from Love Wedding Bands and get them delivered to your doorstep. By the way, these rings can enhance the bond you share with your partner.

Coming to the design, both the rings have fisheye shiny cuts in and shiny small half-fisheye cuts at the edges too.

0.09 Carat Fashionable 6mm His and 4mm Hers Diamond Wedding Band Set

As the name suggests, these rings are indeed fashionable, and you can shop for them in five different colors, including white and rose. By the way, these rings are timeless and classic. Since they are handmade rings, they have a uniqueness that anyone who loves rings would notice. They come with a thin, slightly recessed horizontal line through its center on the men’s rings. When it comes to women’s rings, they have diamonds throughout.

6mm Greek Key Couples Matching His and Hers Wedding Band Set

When you and your partner are hunting for the best couple’s rings, why not consider something symbolic? These couples’ rings have a Greek key design at the center surrounded by milgrain patterns on each side. Handmade in the US, these matching wedding rings can be perfect for you and your partner too.

Jewish David’s Star 7mm His and 5mm Hers Wedding Ring Set

If you are Jewish and would like to add a touch of spiritual element to your religion, you can consider these rings. In these rings, you can find intricate designs in the form of four shiny David’s Star designs at the center. In addition, both these rings offer a comfortable fit too.

0.09 Carat Simple Elegant 6mm His and 4mm Hers Diamond Wedding Band Set

These wedding ring trends are available in three different colors – white, yellow, and rose. You can shop for them in gold or platinum based on your preference. Similar to the other rings, here, you have the option to add engravings to enhance the value of these rings.

These timeless rings come with a flat body with tiny shiny edges and can provide you and your partner with comfortable wear.

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